Bionaire® 42 Pint PureQuiet™ Dehumidifier (BD20)

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Dehumidifier – dehumidifier works like an air conditioning, they have both hot and cold coils in the same box. A fan draws moisture air from the room over the cold coil, condenses and captures the water from the air. The air them passes over the hot coil to warm it to its original temperature and is dispersed back into the room.

Sophisticated, Compact Design– Bionaire dehumidifiers have a refined style and sophisticated design. Our dehumidifier products are versatile, slim, compact, and can be placed just about anywhere.

User Friendly – simple to operate. Individual button for On/Off, a variable humidity control, auto setting, continuous operation, timer and oscillation.

Simple tank removal – LCD display will indicate when the tank is full. Auto shut off feature to prevent water from overflowing.

Easy filter cleaning – a filter removes all of the suspended particles. The filter is readily accessible and is simple to clean.

Double drainage option – it has two options for the drainage. Moisture can either be collected by the internal tank or drained by a special pipe, allowing continuous operation without emptying.

Digital Controls – the Bionaire dehumidifier digital control panel displays the setting you select, as well as the current room condition.

Timer – the model automatically shuts off after you set u the time between 1 to 8 hours.
Over Heat Shut-Off Temperature – the unit will automatically shut-off, in the unlikely event of overheating.


  • Ideal for large size rooms (up to 60 m²)
  • Power: 400 watts
  • Water Extraction: 20 liters / 24hrs
  • 4.5L removable tanks
  • With built-in Thermometer and Hygrometer
  • Hygrostat
  • Auto defrost
  • Carry handle and casters