Bionaire® Air Purifier (BAP 6350)

  • BAP 529
  • BAP 529


This Germ fighting Air Purifier is the Most Innovative Technology that comes with 6-staged filtration namely: Pre-filter, HEPA-Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, UV Bulbs, Photo-catalytic Oxidation Filter, Air Quality Sensor and Ionizer proven to Kill Bacteria and other harmful Air pollutants for fresher and cleaner air.


  • 6 Stages FiltrationPre-Filter

Advanced HEPA-Filter

Activated Carbon Filter

Photocatalytic Oxidation Filter

UV Sterilizer


  • Air Quality Sensor
  • 4 Speed Fan Setting
  • Programmable Timer
  • Filter Service Indicator
  • Touch Control Panel
  • Remote Control
  • Hospital Grade
  • Recommended for large room




Area Coverage:                 45-60 m2

Speed Setting:                  4

Noise Level:                      25-30 db

Weight:                              10.8 kg

Dimension:                        44 cm x 26 cm x 58 cm

Color:                                  Gray

Power Consumption:       60-65W

Voltage/Frequency:         220V/50-60Hz