Megafresh Air Purifier/Humidifier Power 10

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  • Power 10
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Touch control, LED showing. AUTO MODE: Indoor environment is tested by air quality sensor time to time, automatically control the motor speed to save energy. NIGHT MODE: Air purifier distinguish light conditions in room, Automatically select the night mode and day mode. Under the night mode, motor turns into silence, shut off all the indicator lights to provide a comfortable rest conditions. Humidification function: with special patent, magnetic induction technology, the water is from special tube , then wet the filter equably, wet filter hang in the air, avoid the mildew problem. Current humidification show: can work with the set humidification, and stop humidification when up to the set.


NANO HEPA filtering system

(up to 99.98% dust collection efficiency)

Multiple-staged filtration process provides you fresh air in the room

Filter Replacement Remind: Remind Icon

Air Quality Indicator: supervising air pollution level time to time, red or green light tells bad or good

Function Buttons: LED Buttons

Function Display: hidden LED display, fashion technology, amazing design

Timer: 1h / 4h / 8h

Child Lock: under this mode can prevent child from operating, which may avoid of danger or machine fault


Power Consumption: 35W

Voltage / Frequency: 220V / 50Hz

Recommended Coverage: 45 m2

Speed Setting: Silent, Normal, Turbo

Negative Ions Concentration: 800 million/cm3

CADR: 300cm3/h

Dimension: L320 X W207 X H520 mm

Humidification Amount: >250ml/h

Noise: 30-55dB