Megafresh Air Purifier


Descriptions: Washable Pre Filter: Traps Bigger particles such as Pet Hair, to prolong the Life of the HEPA and Carbon Filters. Anti-Allergy Filter, Traps smaller Particles such as: Dust, Pet Dander, Pollens, etc. Reduces toxic fumes, harmful gases, Odors and other VOCs effectively. High performance Hospital Grade True HEPA Filter (H14) which captures 99.99% of…

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Megafresh Air Purifier/Humidifier Power 10

Descriptions: Touch control, LED showing. AUTO MODE: Indoor environment is tested by air quality sensor time to time, automatically control the motor speed to save energy. NIGHT MODE: Air purifier distinguish light conditions in room, Automatically select the night mode and day mode. Under the night mode, motor turns into silence, shut off all the indicator lights to provide a comfortable…

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Megafresh Air Purifier Power 8

Descriptions: Fashion and simple design from Italian designer. Perfect concealed switch and touch screen for operation. AUTO MODE setting that adjusts to conform with the current indoor air quality. Intelligent light sensor for the SLEEP MODE MUTE MODE gives you a quiet environment. Features: NANO HEPA filtering system (up to 99.98% dust collection efficiency) Multiple-staged filtration process provides you fresh…

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